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  • Regular: €50 each year

    As a composer or lyricist, you pay an admission fee of €107.10 (incl. VAT, net €90.00). Your annual membership fee amounts to €50.

    Your first pseudonym is free of charge for you, from the second onwards, you pay a lump sum of €40 (plus VAT).

  • Campaign for newcomers: €30 each year

    We waive the admission fee of €90 to all authors who were born in 1991 or later and who submit a membership application by 31/12/2021.

    We reduced the annual membership fee from €50 to €30 in the first three years.

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Once you have concluded the deed of assignment with us, a membership fee of €50.00 per annum will be due, together with a one-off membership admission fee of €90.00 excl. VAT. Any subsequent membership fees will be offset against your royalties at the end of each year.

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